ASGA Online Tee Time Registration - Help

Event Date: Tuesday April 16, 2024

Today Is Friday April 12, 2024

General Information

Online registration is open Wednesday through Saturday (eff. 12/2/23) preceding the next Tuesday event. Signing up early has no bearing on the assignment of tee times. At the completion of the signup period, listings with less than four members will be adjusted for full teams or groups dependent on event format. Tee times will then be randomly assigned by the computer server, posted on-line on Sunday and delivered to the course for recording and check-in.

Requests are accepted for a preferred tee time period, First, Second, Third and Fourth Periods and an "ideal" tee time to better align player requests. These periods will begin at the first tee time assigned by the course played and with tee time separation determined by the courses. For 2022 and the foreseeable future, it has been 10 minute separation.

NOTE: The period popularity will vary between seasons and do not necessarily divide into four equal time slices. The number in a period will flex up and down to match the requests. As an example, if there were 28 total requests and six of them were for the first period, all six would end up in the First period and a computer program would randomly assign the tee times.

The Second Period would then begin immediately following the 6th tee time. If there were nine requests in the Second Period, the computer would randomly assign the next nine tee times.

If there were eight in the Third Period those eight would follow the last group in the Second Period and be randomly selected. The five remaining having chosen the Fourth Period would randomly be assigned the next five tee times.

The ideal tee time is used to provide tee times closer to a group's request. For example, the first group selected for Period 1 wishes to tee off at 8:30, while the 4th group in Period 1 wishes to tee off at 6:30. Using the ideal time as a guide, these two tee times would be switched, allowing both groups to have a more "ideal" tee time.

In general we have more than enough tee times to accommodate the expected number of players but release them back to the course with a small trailing buffer after all requests are accommodated.

Registration Home Page

The Tee Time Registration home page has links to the following:

Operation Summary

Registration Login. This verifies that the person attempting to register a tee time request is an active ASGA member and has a valid email address in the membership database. Registration is open only on Wednesday through Saturday for player selection.

Player Selection. The logged-in member can register up to four members for the tee time request (Note: The logged-in member must select himself to be included in the group). The logged-in member can also serve as the registrant for members who may not have an email address or have other issues. In all cases the registered members must be active ASGA members.

Players are selected by typing the player's last name into the search bar. When the player's last name appears the player is selected by clicking/touching the name. The process continues until all players are selected. (This process is similar to entering addresses on an email going to multiple recipients). After all players are selected the Submit button is clicked/touched to activate processing the signup of the selected players.

Signup Processing. Error messages are provided for an empty selection or more than four selections. There is a check to prevent registering the same player twice. For signup error the user is directed to return to Player Selection and start over.

An important note for 2-member (2-M) events: If three or four members have been selected for a 2-M event the team partners must be verified. Modify the team assignments as necessary before confirming the selections. Clicking/touching the CONFIRM SELECTIONS button activates the insertion of the tee time request into the database table.

Review Registration. After the tee time request has been successfully inserted into the database the tee time request is displayed with the player names (the logged-in member is shown as the contact for the request). The displayed information may be printed if desired.


Corrections or changes can be requested by email to Bruce Jones, ASGA Admin, by 5:00PM Saturday prior to the Tuesday event.